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How Do You Create a Standout College Application?

How someone tells their story is just as important as the story they tell.

Boxcar Writing Labs provides Writing Coaching & Courses for College-Bound Seniors


Write Your College Application Essay

Knowledge is Power.

But not knowing what colleges want to hear in an application means even qualified students can be overlooked. Yet those who understand how to tell their own story can transform their application from black and white to living color.

I care about students.

I care about parents. 

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Get Free Resources Write Your College Application Essay

"I work as a professional writer/editor but could not have accomplished what Victoria did. That’s because she is an amazing teacher as well as writer. Maybe the best part for me was that my input was not required at all. "


"As parents going through the college application process for the first time, but with twins, we are so grateful for Victoria's guidance. Her experience as an educator and knowledge of the application process provided our family with the confidence we needed to ensure optimal results for our kids. "


"As a non-parent and writer Victoria is able to help kids appreciate and tell something about themselves in a way a parent never could. I don't know exactly how to describe what she does, but it's very valuable beyond the production of an essay. "


The Write Big Process

Ready to have a coach walk your student through creating standout writing for their college applications? Simply follow these steps.

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At Boxcar Writing Labs, I know you are your student's #1 fan.

As a fellow parent, I know how much you want to support your student through this process and how much you want colleges to see how awesome your kid really is! In order to do that, your student needs to give their absolute best writing in every application they submit. 
The problem is that many students don't know how to write authentically about their lives and it's difficult to know what colleges expect, not to mention the students who underestimate how much they will have to write or how long it will take. This leaves students and parents feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. 
But I believe your student shouldn't miss out on a great school and opportunities to win big scholarships because they're not a gifted personal writer, don't know what to write about, or need support managing all of the writing that comes with the applications. 
And that's why I created the Write Big program, with customizable options for students that incorporate how much they have to write and how far they want to reach. 
As a former college professor and a writing coach for nearly 20 years, I've helped hundreds of students become college standouts, and in 2018 I published Write Big: From College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout which shares my method + dozens of essays my students have written that helped them gain admission into their top schools and win scholarship dollars. 
Stop the madness of a stacked senior year. Instead, start summer knowing your student has a writing plan and an accountability partner, a proven method for helping them write the best essays of their lives, and a shot at becoming a better writer before college. 
If you have questions, you can reach me at [email protected]
Write Your College Application Essay

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